Maintenance tips for your Triuimph

Tyre and Maintenance Tips

Triumph motorcycles enjoy an enviable reputation for fine handling, no matter what class of bike it may be.
The best way to ensure that this fine handling and road-holding is maintained is to ensure that your tyres are kept in tip top condition, and changed at the necessary level of wear.
We would advise that tyre pressures are checked on at least a weekly basis – a typical tyre pressure gauge would cost between £10 and £20, and will prove an excellent investment.
Our staff will give expert advice on the tyre that will best suit your riding requirements, be you a sports bike rider, or a trans–continental tourer – we can advise which tyre will work best for you.

We would also advise that whilst you are checking your tyre pressures, a couple more basic checks will help to ensure the trouble free running of your motorcycle.
These days, oil levels are easily checked by either the good old fashioned dipstick, or the oil sight glass on the side of the engine, and maintaining the correct level of lubricant will ensure the engine provides thousands of miles of trouble free use.
If the bike is chain driven, then you can also take this opportunity to check that the chain is operating at the correct tension, and is lubricated sufficiently. We will always be delighted to offer advice and instruction in these areas.

A great tip – keep your bike clean!! The time spent cleaning your motorcycle will also give opportunity to visually check that everything on the machine is fine, and can often stop a problem before it occurs.
Finally, keep an eye on the mileage, and ensure that your bike is booked in for scheduled service as and when it falls due – prevention is always better than cure!!