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Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Built for fun - The new Triumph Street Twin

Heritage isn't just made in a day

Enter the new Triumph Street Twin, the latest addition to the Bonneville line-up, joining a family with a huge history for success and with the rider in mind. The Triumph Street Twin brings style, power and accessibility together in one neat, smooth and exciting ride.

The Street Twin is packed with unique character, a fantastic and thrilling engine, distinctive sound and Triumph's most dynamic riding experience yet. It's the perfect Bonneville for today's rider, while keeping all the cool and classic motives brought in by the Bonneville family.

Powered by the all-new 900cc 'high torque' Bonneville engine, this machine is able to provide enough torque to conquer the roads. From low to high rev range, you're set to see, hear and feel the power packed inside. An exciting ride guaranteed.

It's a powerhouse indeed, but you'll not be uncomfortable, held up with a new chassis and suspension, a low seat height and an incredibly accessible riding position, the Street Twin delivers refined, modern-day handling for real roads.

Iconic design and the spirit of individualism inside, the Street Twin is the perfect starting point for customisation, with minimal bodywork, clean lines and a garage loads of stylish accessories, it's set to become yours, then boast proudly the riders true style.

Heritage and classic looks, but not lacking in the modern technologies, with ABS, Traction Control, a Stylish Single Clock and a USB Charge Socket along with many more, it's clear to see that the Street Twin means business.

But we can't convince you enough, you have to see for yourself, you have to feel it for yourself. You have to experience the ride, for yourself. Click here to discover the Triumph Street Twin.